About us

A team that believes in a job well done

Netun is made up of specialists in different areas. The multidisciplinary capacity of our staff allows us to successfully face all the technological challenges that mobility puts before us.

Value creation

We work on disruptive proposals that transcend the merely economic and represent a real change in society.

Useful technology

We believe that technology must have a social purpose in the field of mobility.

Commitment to you

We promote social actions focused on the most important thing: people.


Coming soon

Launch of Help Flash IoT


Royal Decree 159/2021 is approved, establishing the mandatory conditions for V16 lights


Help Flash 2.0 Released


Launch Help Flash Smart and Incidence

We enter the digital world by launching the first connected V16 beacon and a roadside assistance APP



Thanks to Help Flash the V16 lights are recognized and recommended by the administrations and are included in our ordering. Reform of the Vehicle Regulations through Ministerial Order PCI/810/2018 of July 27


Help Flash

The Help Flash project is awarded with the Innovation Gallery awards at MOTORTEC, III Edition of the Entrepreneurs and Road Safety Award of FUNDACIÓN LÍNEA DIRECTA. and 4th Edition AXA Opensurance Insurtech



Start of Help Flash Marketing


Netun Solutions is born

Introduce ourselves

Our team

We are a multidisciplinary human group focused on the development of products and services that can benefit citizens, mainly in the field of mobility.

Jorge Costas


Jorge Torre


Nieves Cao

General Manager

Alejandro González


Carlos Conde

CEO Incidence/CBDO

Ana Coira


Silvia Lanzarote


Cristina Martínez

Marketing Manager

Roberto Rajó

Design & Brand Manager

María del Carmen Paz

Head of Administration

José Manuel Varela

Quality manager

Tamara Campo


Tamara Torres


Javier Pozuelo

Sales Manager

Francisco Prieto


Fernando Francisco

Logistics Manager

Vanesa Hermelo


Lucía González

ERP Project Manager

Mónica Rey

Software Project Manager

How we work?

At Netun we think of the workers above all else, that is why it is essential for us to comply with different conditions that ensure the well-being of the team:

  • Flexible schedule
  • Mixed teams
  • Telecommuting
  • Work-life balance

Quality and road safety

At NETUN SOLUTIONS our service is based on the design, manufacturing management and marketing of the HELP FLASH security beacon.

Our staff, together with constant innovation and our mentality based on continuous improvement and road safety, allows us to guarantee the best service and quality in our product.

Seeking the excellence of our product and service, as well as the maximum satisfaction of our customers, we base our policy on the following commitments:

Promote road safety in our organization, in our environment and in society in general with the aim of eliminating or minimizing deaths and serious injuries as much as possible.

Promote the awareness, awareness and training of our employees on the quality and road safety requirements defined in our organization, as well as compliance with the applicable legislation in the sector, in terms of road safety, the requirements of our clients and other applicable ones.

Achieve continuous improvement of our Quality and Road Safety Management System.

This policy provides us with the reference framework to define the objectives and goals of Quality and Road Safety, which will be carried out in our organization.

In Nigrán, on April 2, 2018


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